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01Sustainably Sourced

We purchase our coffee from all over the world, from producers who are true artisans. They farm with passion and take great pride in their work. As an artisan roasterie, our goal is to be a true reflection of the labor and dedication of these farmers which is why we pay all the farmers we work with living wages. We strive for excellence in every step, from crop to cup.

02Meticulously Roasted

We carry 15-20 different single origin coffees at all times. Coffee is a seasonal product and taste profiles can subtly change from crop to crop and year to year due to rainfall, farming practices, and other slight changes in environment. At La Terza, it is our intent to highlight the unique characteristics that each different season brings.

03Delivered Fresh

Coffee is at its fullest flavor within 7 to 10 days of roasting. We roast our coffees on demand and ship them to our customers or deliver to our partner shops and restaurants within 24 hours of roasting. We want you to enjoy the freshest cup of coffee possible!

"I have been obsessed with high quality craft coffee for a couple years now. I've been to almost every coffee shop in Cincinnati... the one that tops the list is La Terza!"

Dan V. - (Yelp)

"Client satisfaction is key at La Terza; they strive to meet all of our needs in a timely fashion. [The team] has been a huge resource for learning how our machines operate and for providing maintenance. The people of La Terza have a passion for coffee, and that is evident in their top-notch product! I buy their retail bags and bring them home for myself!"

Jacob Campbell - Press on Monmouth

"La Terza has been a strong partner from a training and support aspect in addition to providing the best coffee we have found in Cincinnati. They've been integral in helping our coffee program at Maplewood Kitchen become a world class experience for our customers."

Joe Lanni - Cofounder and Owner, Maplewood Kitchen + Bar

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